Monday, 21 June 2010

A new week and new inspiration.....

Last week I had a bit of a sort through my fabric stash. I had actually forgotton how much I had and couldn't even remember buying some of the fabrics I rediscovered! The main reason for the sort out was the fact that I was wanting to make my Dad a Fathers Day card. So underneath all the pink floral girlie fabrics I've been using recently, I found some lovely fabrics slightly more suitable!

I was really rather pleased with the resulting card. It's a bit different to the more recent things that I've been working on, but think it worked quite well.... using this as a starting point (and a good excuse to do a bit more fabric shopping!) I have decided to do a small range along a similar theme. I've put together a little colour story with some lovely muted lilacs, blues and greys , with some fab printed cotton fabrics and neutral linens. I hope to do a small range of greetings cards along with a couple of framed pictures for starters. Watch this space for an update!!

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  1. that piccie is so cute...I envy you people who can do things like that lol :)